Free Tool To Help You Compress Images

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When uploading images to your website, it is important to use an optimized version so that you can save your server’s resources, and the loading speed for your website visitors will be faster as well.

One of the free tools I use is It is a very clean tool and can help to compress your images (up to 20 images).

free image compression tool
It is a very useful tool to help you compress images before you upload to your website

You can check out the before and after of the compression effect.

The following is the original image that I want to use in my website

[Before compression] The original size of this image is 81KB.

[After compression] The size of the image is only 42KB (halved the size)

Although the size has been cut by half, the quality is almost the same to naked eye.

So feel free to use to compress your images before you upload them to the web!

Hope you find this recommendation useful!