Free Accounting Software for Small Business

Are you looking for a free accounting software for your new startup or looking to change your accounting software to cloud-based? If so, then check out is a cloud-based accounting software that is easy to use and you can issue beautiful invoices and impress your clients clients too. The free plan includes:– 1 … Read more

Free Vector Characters To Use for Your Projects

In some of your projects like websites, perhaps you want to use a vector character to represent you instead of showing your actual photo. In that case, then the following website is what you need! The above website is It has hundreds of nice vector characters that you can use for free and there … Read more

Free Email Sending Tool

Today I want to introduce you to a tool that I use to send emails to all my subscribers and it has a free plan for you to use too! The tool that I use is called Recently they opened up a free plan that you can use it to:– Create unlimited newsletters.– Create … Read more

Free WordPress Plugin To Test Your Website Email

If you are using WordPress for your website, you may have experienced before that your website contact form suddenly stops working! This kind of issue can be frustrating so I would like to introduce a free plugin you can install in your WordPress website to check your email functions everyday! The plugin name is called … Read more

Free Tool To Help You Compress Images

free tool to optimize images

When uploading images to your website, it is important to use an optimized version so that you can save your server’s resources, and the loading speed for your website visitors will be faster as well. One of the free tools I use is It is a very clean tool and can help to compress … Read more

Free Music To Use In Any Projects

When you search for websites to download free music to use, you will realize that those ‘free’ websites are not actually free! Some of them require you to pay them before you can download. Luckily, there is one website that is really free that you can download their music and use. is the place … Read more

Free Stock Videos for Your Film Production

free stock videos

If you are looking for free stock videos to add to your film production, then you can check out The above shows the search results for ‘landscape’. You can use these stock videos anywhere on websites, films, or youtube videos without any attribution needed. Hope you find this recommendation useful!

Free Amazon Ads Course for Authors

free amazon ads course

If you are a Kindle book or hardcover book author, then this free course would be something very valuable! The instructor of the course is Dave Chesson, who is a very experienced Kindle book author. He is also the creator of the Publisher Rocket tool. In this Amazon Ads course, you will learn what are … Read more

Free images for your website

free images to use in websites

It is very common to use images on your website. If you do not want to use your own images, then the only way is to use royalty-free images in your website. A word of caution: Never use images from Google search because those images are not free to use! You may invite lawsuits if … Read more